How To Buy Domain Name From GoDaddy

How To Buy Domain Name From GoDaddy

If you want to start a blog or a website but you don’t know How to buy domain name from GoDaddy then no problem in this article I taught you every single step for buying a domain name from Godday and trust me it’s very easy to buy a domain name from GoDaddy. Check out this article and buy your own domain name.

Step 1

How To Buy Domain Name From GoDaddy;- The first search your favorite domain name that you want and hit the search domain button and remember one thing that you cant change your domain name in future after buying a domain name. So be careful about choosing a domain name

Step 2

how to purchase domain
After choosing your domain check its available or not to buy if that domain name not available then try another one and if the domain name is available then click on Add to Cart button after that click on Continue to Cart button

Step 3

how to purchase domain2
Click on No Thanks option if you do not want to protect your privacy or if you want to save some money. If you want to choose privacy protection then it keeps your personal information secret and if you not select privacy protection then it public your personal information like your name and address

Step 4

how to purchase domain3
For Linux Web Hosting click on No Thanks as well as do same for Create an email address that matches your domain select no thanks for this option and then Click on Continue with these options and before clicking on this button check again for your selected options

Step 5

how to purchase domain5
Choose the years for the domain name. Here you can choose how many years you want to take the domain name I recommended you that choose 1 year and in future, you can increase the years

Step 6

how to purchase domain4
Select your payment method. GoDaddy gives you so many ways to pay money so select your appropriate paying option

Step 7

how to purchase domain6
Click on complete purchase to buy your domain name after that you can fill your personal information like name address etc. and billing details and complete the steps and that’s all now you can use your domain name

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