How To Make Google Adsense Account In 5 Simple Step

How To Make Google Adsense Account In 5 Simple Step

You don’t know how to make Google Adsense account then don’t worry you came the right place. In this post, I will show you how to make Google Adsense account in 5 simple step and earn revenue. If you want to earn money from showing ads to your website then Google Adsense is the best platform

I also used this Google AdSense and its increase my revenue so below are the steps to make Google AdSense account and trust me it’s very easy to sign up for Google AdSense.

Step 1

how to make google adsense account
Just go to Google AdSense website then click on sign up now. and I as always mention above that I used Google AdSense and if you ask for my opinion Google Adsense is good or not then my answer is this is good so you can also use this platform to earn more money.

Step 2

In the first box, you have to fill the website URL. Here you use only that website URL that you want to link to Google Adsense. Then in the second box, you have to fill your email id then click on yes if you want customized help and performance suggestion in your email box but if you don’t want it then select no. I select no because I don’t want any suggestion but if you want suggestions and help then you can select yes.

Step 3

Select your country where you live this is the most important step so carefully select your country don’t select the wrong county.

Step 4

adsense google
Read there terms and conditions and tick on yes, I have read and accept the agreement because if you do not accept the agreement then you not able to sign up for Google AdSense then make sure you tick on yes.

Google does not allow all kinds of ads. For example, if your site is and you sell different kinds of sex toys such as cock cages, then most likely your ads will be denied. Google does not want any sort of text, image, or audio on the content. Make sure to read the guidelines when you create your Adsense.

Step 5

how to create google adsense
This is the last step you have to fill payment address details and personal details and after this Google AdSense reviewed your information then it will approve you for your Google AdSense if all information is correct and if your application is rejected then your information is not correct. after reviewing google sends you email that you are approved or not then wait for the email it will take up to 7 days.

That all my friend if you have any question you can comment your question in the comment box.

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